I Hope David Cameron

Nov 21

I hope David Cameron tries to finish his drink really quickly but he ends up choking on liquid and gets embarrassed because he doesn’t even understand how that’s possible.

I hope David Cameron gets to the last train change before he gets home, but instead of a train there’s a rail replacement bus and it takes a really circuitous route.

Nov 20

I hope David Cameron forgets to turn his phone onto Silent before an important meeting, and then Boris calls him and everyone gives him a dirty look.

I hope the only clean clothes David Cameron has left look really silly together.

I hope David Cameron is really looking forward to a videogame coming out, but it turns out he didn’t pay much attention to how the release date is different between the USA and the UK and he sees Barack Obama is already playing it and gets jealous.

Nov 19

I hope David Cameron buys too much bread in his weekly shop and he ends up having to throw out an entire loaf of bread because it went mouldy before he could eat it.

I hope David Cameron does all his washing then realises that he’s lost some hangers since he last did the laundry, so he has to fold up one of his shirts and put it in a drawer instead.

I hope David Cameron is sewing a button back onto a coat but then he pricks his finger with the needle and drops it and he can’t find it at all because it blends in really well with his carpet.

I hope David Cameron thinks that today is going to be a pretty nice day so he goes out without a coat but then later on the weather turns unexpectedly and he ends up getting really wet.

Apr 02

I hope David Cameron spends ages applying his nail varnish, but then without thinking he carelessly touches something with his nail and he has to clean the nail off and reapply the nail varnish.